January 17th, 2019

When people describe their dream gardens, very few talk about one that’s 20 metres long and 10 metres wide. Some might argue that a smaller garden means less work, but in an ideal situation we’d all pay someone to look after our acres of greenery!

Those sorts of dimensions are not, however, especially unfamiliar to many of us. Does that mean we should just give up on having a garden to be proud of? Of course not. Here, Ground Force Artificial Grass offer three handy tips for using your garden space to its full potential.

Keep it simple

Cluttered spaces always look smaller. You may not have much space in the first place, but you do need to be careful to display some of it. That’s not to say you have to be minimalist, as such, more that you need to ensure people can still see some floor.

The temptation is often to cram as many plants, ornaments, and quirky stones into your garden as you possibly can, especially when you don’t have room for absolutely everything you might want. Avoid this tendency at all costs though, or you’ll find that your garden looks even smaller than it is.

Use that shed

Sheds are extremely useful. They provide storage options for …. well, anything really, but they also take up space. Thing is, their usefulness often outweighs the drawbacks of their shape and size, so many people just stick them at the back of the garden and resolve to make the most of the rest of their outdoor space.

This tactic is flawed in a number of ways. For one, when has pushing things to one side ever actually worked long-term? More importantly, though, it ignores a fundamental aspect of the garden shed: its aesthetic potential. Sheds can enhance the character and overall feel of any garden, so use it right. If possible, have one that you can walk into – this will naturally increase your space without you having to do much. Otherwise, just take some time to consider the best spot for you shed; use corners and the sides of your garden to help it fit into its surroundings that bit more.

Don’t just rely on the ground

The floor is only one small part of your garden. Use the fences around your garden’s border to display flower pots, climbing plants, and similar high-rising features. You could also consider putting up shelves to show off some potted plants, while even windowsills and your shed’s roof can come in handy!

Ground Force Artificial Grass

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