October 18th, 2018

Incredibly, the long nights and warm days of summer are quickly disappearing into the weather man’s archive. For the next 6 months or so, we can expect much milder conditions, with the chance of some snowy, bitter weather also in the mix. That’s why we thought it’d be useful if we put together a quick guide to winter-proofing your artificial grass.

Stay back

Our first point may seem counterintuitive in a “how to care for your artificial grass” blog, but it’s important to give your garden some space during these tough times. Generally, artificial grass is pretty good at standing up to nature’s various mood swings, and the annual drop in temperatures are no exception to that. Aside from taking our subsequent points into account, we’d advise that you let your garden take care of itself.

Artificial grass in the snow

That feeling of waking up to a white back garden is a truly magical one (unless you don’t like snow, of course), but it may be more worrying than usual if your garden is an artificial one. You can’t regrow synthetic turf, so there are a couple of things you should consider here.

Firstly, light, fluffy snow is fine, and won’t damage anything. The issue arises when it starts to hide a harder, more compacted layer of snowy ice. In these instances, it’s best to use a light (not a metal one) shovel to disrupt the lower layers of snow. Secondly, if you’re going to be out in the garden in the snow it can be easy to damage the blades of your grass by stepping firmly on it. Again, in these instances we’d advise using a shovel to break up the compacted ice; if it snows overnight, you’ve added an effective countermeasure.

General maintenance

Even during the colder months, it’s important to venture outside and carry out your lawn-clearing duties. Twigs, leaves, and other debris should be cleared as often as is required; they can clog up artificial lawns and seriously hamper parts of the surface such as its drainage.

Getting in touch

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