September 17th, 2018

If anyone’s ever spoken to you about the possibility of investing in artificial grass, it’s likely you’ll have heard the “it’s great for the kids” line plenty of times before. While that’s undoubtedly true, it’s no good just saying that without further explanation. Here, Ground Force Artificial Grass explain why artificial grass is great for people with children in a bit more detail, examining some of the specific advantages.

A gardener’s nightmare

Turf isn’t cheap, and neither is the upkeep of your garden. With that in mind, it’s probably best to prevent it being churned up and ruined altogether if and when you can. Their intentions may be good, but children have an uncanny knack of spoiling things you’d rather weren’t spoilt, and that includes your lawn. Fresh dew in the garden? What better time to test out a new pair of football boots?

If the above logic is some that has caused you to pull your hair out in the past, then it’s definitely worth considering artificial grass. Not only will it take a lot more than some moisture and and energetic child to ruin it, but you also eliminate the risk of general wear and tear. Sure, artificial grass also has a shelf life, but it won’t go that horrible brown colour after one 10 minute kick about with your child and their friends.

Keep your carpets’ colour intact

This is one of the most obvious points, but it’s definitely worth emphasising nonetheless. If you care even slightly about the state of your carpets, it’s probably not a bad idea to at least consider getting artificial turf installed. No matter how many times children are told to take their shoes off, that awful, black mud has a habit of appearing in parts of the house even you didn’t know were accessible. Artificial grass eliminates the risk entirely. They may well find another way to make the house slightly messier than you’d like, but at least you’ve removed one of their primary weapons.


We know what you’re thinking: grass isn’t exactly dangerous. Generally, we’d agree with you, too. The possibility of something truly bad happening because of your grass is extremely low. We’re mainly talking about smaller issues here, but it’s worth considering as a contributing factor. For example, thistles can’t grow on artificial grass, and wasps are far less likely to be drawn to it. There are two boxes ticked straight away – neither is realistically the end of the world, but surely it’s better to avoid it. Add into the equation the possibility of allergies, and you can see how convenient the artificial turf solution really is.

Still not convinced?

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