August 29th, 2018

For many people, the idea of artificial grass is an extremely appealing one. You don’t have to mow it, it doesn’t change colour at various times throughout the year, and it’s great for kids and pets.

The problem

Why, then, don’t we see more synthetic turf in houses up and down the country? It could well be something to do with the stigma that used to be attached to having a “false” lawn. In years gone by, the quality of artificial grass was absolutely nothing like what it is today. These days, the plastic blades are almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts, but that wasn’t the case 10 years ago. Stigmas can be hard to shift, but it really is unfair now to claim that artificial grass doesn’t look natural.

That said, some people might be interested to find out how they can make their synthetic turf blend in even more. We’ve put together a couple of pointers here that should help you ensure your lawn looks every bit as real as you want it to.

A little less perfect

One of the criticisms of artificial lawns is, oddly, that they look “too perfect”. In a way, this is understandable. Rarely do lawns comprised of real grass look absolutely symmetrical and evenly-coloured. We’d argue that this is one of the primary advantages of an artificial lawn, but if you’re looking to make yours look a little rougher around the edges, then there are plenty of turf styles available that will suit your needs. Different pile heights, an array of colours, and advanced materials all combine to create an overall effect that’s extremely convincing.

Use it

Probably the best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to helping your artificial grass look natural is to use it. Kids’ play equipment, deck chairs, and pets should all be allowed free rein. Essentially, make sure that your lawn is used properly. Don’t shy away from using it just because you’re worried about damaging turf; that completely defeats the point from the outset. Plus, the more you shy away from putting your lawn to good use, the less natural it’s going to look.

Ground Force Artificial Grass

As we’ve said, the way artificial grass is manufactured these days allows it to look extremely natural. If you’re considering the product for yourself, then why not head over to our products section and check out what we’ve got?

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