December 4th, 2017

Gardens play a huge part of any homeowners life. Whether it is sunbathing in the summer, pruning in the spring or raking up the leaves in the autumn, most of us take pride in our outdoor space and enjoy the maintenance and upkeep that comes with it. However, we are not the only ones that enjoy the luscious lawns. Our pets spend their life playing in the garden, and when they are cooked up inside, they spend most of their itching to get out and play. Although an artificial grass may make the task of gardening easier, how will your pet take to the new patch? So is artificial grass pet friendly? Ground Force Artificial Grass tackle this question in their latest blog post.

Year Long Benefits

Unlike traditional grass lawns, an artificial turf is resistant to every type of weather. Although this may not be a benefit for your pooch that loves rolling around in the mud and the snow, as a homeowner you will no longer have to worry about wiping your pet down when it comes hurtling through your living room covered in mud. No longer will you have to put up with your pet scratching at the door begging to go out as artificial grass allows for your pet to play all year round.

Designed for Your Pet

When asking the question: ‘is artificial grass pet friendly?’ you have to consider every aspect of your pet’s life, including when nature calls. Thankfully, artificial grass is permeable, meaning urine drains through the soil and does not leave you with stains on your grass. Rain is also drained away, reducing the chances of your dog playing in puddles and trolloping back through the house.

No Different to Traditional Lawns

Although us humans will be able to notice the stark contrasts between an artificial lawn and a grass turf, pets will not. Artificial grass will not irritate your pet or notice any differences whatsoever, meaning you get a happy pet and a more manageable and better-looking lawn as a result.

So, ‘is artificial grass pet friendly? The simple answer is yes. Your pets will still enjoy playing on your lawn just as much as they enjoyed playing on your old grass, only this time, you do not have to chance them round the house with a towel.

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