November 22nd, 2017

Gone are the days of the traditional grass lawns which occupy the majority of back gardens, as homeowners all around the country begin swapping their grass for an artificial alternative. With grass lawns having been a staple of every home for centuries, why are homeowners beginning to opt for artificial turf? In their latest blog post, Ground Force Artificial Grass outline the many benefits of synthetic lawns and why you should consider making the switch yourself.

Easy To Maintain

Despite the popularity of gardening in the UK, it seems as though Brits all over the country are locking their lawn mowers away and rolling out the artificial grass. One of the main benefits of synthetic lawns is that they remove the need for constant upkeep and maintenance work, saving you time on arduous gardening chores and allowing more time for rest and relaxation.

Traditional grass lawns require mowing, watering and constant care and attention to ensure you aren’t left with any brown patches over the winter. Artificial lawns, however, are far more resistant to the weather, meaning that even when the conditions do take a turn for the worst, you will not have to worry about the health of your lawn.

Avoid Extra Costs

As well as saving yourself time and effort, introducing an artificial lawn into your garden will also save you money in the long run. As previously discussed, one of the benefits of synthetic lawns is how they remove the need for gardening, meaning you can save yourself money on gardening materials, such as shears, trowels and spades. As well as saving money on garden tools such as these, because your lawn mower will become redundant, you can also save some pennies on fueling your mower.

Although artificial lawns come with an initial fee, the money you spend on maintaining your traditional lawn will eventually outweigh the cost of your artificial grass, making synthetic lawns a worthwhile investment for your property. Introducing artificial lawns into your home has also been found to have bumped the prices up on your house.

Allows For Customisation

If the traditional green garden isn’t for you, then opting for a synthetic lawn will allow you to tailor your outdoor space to your own taste. With lawns in various different colours, shades and lengths, you have complete control over your outdoor aesthetic when you introduce an artificial lawn. To find out more about this specific benefit of synthetic lawns, check out our previous blog which identifies ‘Which Type of Artificial Grass is Perfect for You’.

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