November 14th, 2017

As the colder months begin to settle in, the prospect of maintaining a traditional grass lawn can be a frightening prospect to any homeowner. If you are seeking to remove the added stress and hassle of constant garden maintenance, switching to an artificial lawn may be the best bet, but which type of artificial grass is best suited to you? In their latest blog post, Ground Force Artificial Grass list the benefits of every type of artificial grass to help you identify the perfect lawn for you.

Lawn Grass

In reference to our previous point, introducing an artificial grass lawn will help reduce the time spent on the upkeep of your garden. Not only does this type of artificial grass reduce the need for gardening work, but it will also provide you with a clean and tidy garden aesthetic all year round, regardless of miserable winter weather.

MUGA Pitches

Besides from artificial lawns, MUGA pitches are one of the most common types of artificial grass. Although you may not want this type of grass for your back garden, if you are affiliated with any sports teams, then MUGA pitches are an effective and sustainable option.

Coloured Grass

If you are looking to step away from conventional lawns and wish to introduce a sense of character and creativity into your back garden, then coloured grass may be the perfect choice for you. Available in a variety of colours, you can decorate and design your lawn to fit your needs, so take a look at all our different colouring options.

Golf Turf

If you are an avid golf fan and wish to hone your skills in your own garden, then Ground Force Artificial Grass is able to provide professional standard golf turf and practice patches. Whether you require realistic tee grass or a smooth, carpet-like putting lawn, we can provide the materials to enable you to sharpen your skill set.

If you wish to find out more about all our types of artificial grass, then contact Ground Force Artificial Grass today by calling us on 0800 061 4204 or 07778 277222.